Commercial Name

Center Location

Size (nautical miles)

Charts (Scale)

Harbors for Entry Training


29°23’N 94°48’W

64 x 50

us5tx55m (1:10000), us5tx56m (1:10000), us5tx57m (1:10000), u11326b2 (1:25000), us5tx53m (1:25000), us5tx54m (1:25000), u11331b (1:40000), u11322a1 (1:40000), u11326c (1:80000), u11326a1 (1:80000), us4tx52m (1:80000)

a) Houston: Public Wharves, Manchester Dock 2, Coast Guard, Tennessee Coal Iron & RR Co, Gulf Compress Co, Manchester Terminal Corp, U.S. Gypsum, Goodpasture Grain and Milling Co, Arco Refining Co, From Goodpasture Grain and Milling Co To Hess Terminal corp (Northworthy Terminal), The Champion Paper & Fibre Co dock, Crown Central Petroleum Corp, GATX Terminals Corp, Olin-Mathieson  Chemical Corporation, Hess Terminal corp (Northworthy Terminal), From Olin-Mathieson  Chemical Corporation To Boggy Bayou Basin, Shell Oil Company, From Boggy Bayou Basin To San Jacinto State Park, Jacintoport Terminal, From Jacintoport Terminal To Lynchburg Landing, Lynchburg Landing, San Jacinto St Park Ferry, From Barnes I to Brinson Pt. , Exxon Co  (pier1-8), Baytown Bend, Barbours Cut, Morgans Point;
b) Bayport: Bayport;
d) Galveston: Galveston Channel.