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Gibraltar strait  

36°00'N, 5°40'W

53 x 34

a45(1:3600), es4450(1:7500), a1912c(1:10000),
a144(1:10000), es4451(1:10000), es4511(1:10000),
es445b(1:25000), a1912b(1:30000), a1912a(1:30000), a1448(1:30000), es451(1:50000), es444(1:50000), es453(1:50000), es446(1:52500), a142(1:100000), es44b(1:175000), a773(1:300000)

Port of Algeciras, Gibraltar, port of Tarifa, port of Tanger, port of tanger Med