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‘CargoMax’ is a commercial, fully Class approved, stress and stability program for vessels, used by many of the leading ship operators to meet their ‘Class’ requirements. CargoMax displays all the information likely to be required regarding the draughts, trim, list, shear forces, bending moments and damage stability for a particular vessel. The information is displayed using a ‘Windows’ format using both analogue tables and graphical indicators.

The basic functions included are as follows:

 Intact Stability calculation according to international requirements, including:

  • Calculation of GZ curve and comparison with IMO criteria;
  • Comparison of GMt / KGvirtual with Required GMt / Max. KG curves;
  • Warning and check of various loading restrictions such as draft limits, visibility requirements, and custom tank filling restrictions.

Longitudinal Strength (Bending Moment and Shear Force) if required by approved Loading Manual:

  • Comparison to class allowable at the required frames;
  • Comparison for both in Harbour & At Sea allowables.
  •  User input of tank data by sounding, ullage, volume, weight or percent full and density;
  • Always visible “Status Bar” displaying warnings when certain key loading criteria are not met;
  • Both onscreen viewing and pre-defined printed reports for all results;
  • Calculation of free-floating damage condition based on user-defined cases for damaged compartments;
  • Online interface to simulated model to automatically read in tank levels and cargo characteristics (such as density, temperature), CargoMax can be set to continuously monitor the gauging system at a user defined interval.