FIRE FIGHTING CONTAINERS are used for development of practical fire fighters skills and refreshment with improvement of existing competences.

FF skills includes:

  • Minimization of the risk of fire and maintenance of a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fire;
  • Fighting and extinguishing of fires;
  • Control of fire-fighting operations aboard ships;
  • Organization and training of fire parties;
  • Inspection and service of fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems and equipment.

Smoke Block
The smoke block consists of a labyrinth, 2 rooms with a two-tier bed for saving people from different height levels. There is a room, as well, to fill with foam for a passage used for evacuation under a high foam layer. The block includes facilities with tank evacuation system and emergency exit out of the engine room. For a victim imitations there are 2 available mannequins, with a weight of 80 kg and dressed in survival suits. For smoke imitations safe smoke generators are used.

Fire Block
The fire block consists of a labyrinth with an Electrical Distribution Board, galley with a stove, engine room with a hydrocarbon fire system, for which there is a gas (propane-butane) supply machine is used. The room is equipped with a ventilation flaps.

Inside fire block, course participants fight with the following fire types:

  • Cooking oil and fats;
  • Electrical equipment;
  • Flammable gases.

Open Deck Block
On the open deck course participants fight with the following fire types:

  • Solids (wood, paper, cloth, etc.);
  • Flammable liquids;
  • Flammable gases.

FIRE FIGHTING CONTAINERS are used for following courses:

  • Advanced Fire Fighting;
  • Advanced Fire Fighting - Refresher course;
  • Basic Safety training;
  • Basic Safety training - Refresher course.