The classroom is equipped with furniture, computer and projector for effective theoretical and practical training of trainees.

The instructor uses such equipment during training: 

  • Fire-fighter’s outfit (common and heat-reflecting); 
  • Compressed air breathing apparatus type “Drager” (including a cut in half cylinder); 
  • Compressed air emergency escape breathing device (EEBD); 
  • Portable fire extinguishers and wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishing units (including a cut in half cylinder); 
  • Mock-up fire alarm system panel for demonstration of its use, the principle of its operation and tests of fire detectors; 
  • Gas fire extinguishing systems (elements) including “NOVEC 1230”; 
  • Aerosol fire extinguishing systems; 
  • Sprinkler fire extinguisher systems (elements); 
  • Fire and Safety Plans of the various ships.

The classroom is used for the following courses:

  • Advanced Fire Fighting; 
  • Advanced Fire Fighting - Refresher Course.