Medical classroom consists of a computer with a flat TV screen, a board, classroom furniture and equipment used during the course. Since Medical Care and Medical first aid courses consist of both theoretical and practical exercisises, medical equipment is frequently used, and therefore is held in the classroom all the time. During the Medical Care and Medical First aid course instructor uses current equipment: TV screen and board for presentation of theory. For pracitcal exercises two full – body manikins are used and one half-body manikin. To practice specific medical emergency situations, instructor and students use special spinal stretchers, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), ventilation bag and splints. To practice wound closure and nursing care Medical Care students use tonometrs, needleholders, forceps similar to those, which are used in hospitals. Intravenous injections students practice and master on a special intravenous injection hand manikin. The classroom is fully equipped for training different emergency situtaions on boards ship, acording to the model courses of Medical first aid (Model course 1.14) and Medical Care (Modul course 1.15), in particularly:

1. CPR – AED, ventilation bag, Guedel airways, training manikins, first aid kit
2. Trauma – different types of stretchers, bandages, splints (including collar)
3. Bleeding – different types of bandages
4. Wound closure – needleholders, forceps
5. Different types of medication for demonstration
6. Syringes and i/v canulas
7. Tonometrs, and stethoscopes

The classroom is used for the following courses:

  • Medical First Aid;
  • Medical Care;
  • Hygiene Requirements on Board Ships.