If you have decided to attempt your future with a highly regarded and rewarding profession, then Novikontas Maritime College is the best place to start! 

Year-round enrolment!

Document submission is available at any time of the year at Novikontas Maritime College!

Undergraduate enrolment takes place every three months.


Required documents

In order to enter the 1st stage of the training program (without a seafarer's basic education), you are required to have:

-    Valid certificate of completion of secondary education (grade 12)
-    Identity document
-    Application form (to be completed on-site)
-    3 photos in size 3x4 cm
-    Motivation and enthusiasm to study!

There is no entrance exam to be enrolled at Novikontas Maritime College, however, you will need to have an interview aimed at your motivation and English skills assessment.  If you pass the interview, you will be requested to undergo a medical examination. 

You can submit your documents any time with us as we accept applications all year round. Groups are formed three times per year. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates or contact us directly to be the first to join a new group!

In order to enter the 2nd stage of the study program (holding basic seafarer’s education), you are required to have:

-   Valid certificate of completion of secondary education (grade 12)
-   Identity document
-   Marlins English test with at least 60% score
-   Maritime certificates
-   1 photo in size 3x4 cm

In order to enter a professional development study program, you are required to have: 

-   Identity document
-   Certificate of higher seafarer's education obtained in Latvia
-   Diploma of ship's master or ship's engineer
-   Seaman's book proving seagoing experience of at least 18 months 

! Did you know that you could learn anything about seafarers’ profession and courses by attending Welcome Day at Novikontas Maritime College in person, and submit documents right away?


The full tuition fee for the first stage of studies (after the 12th grade, not holding a seafarer’s education) - is 1070 EUR. Tuition can be made in three instalments and can be paid during the theoretical part of the studies in accordance with the schedule specified in the agreement.

Full tuition for the second stage of studies (holding basic seafarer education) - is 5880 EUR*. Tuition can be made in 3 instalments and paid within 3 years.

*conditions can be different for third countries students"

Full tuition for a professional upgrade qualification program - is 4000 EUR*. Tuition depends on the courses required to be taken. Also, part of the program can be passed through distance learning; in that case, the tuition fee is lower. 

*conditions can be different for third countries students"

By virtue of a paid internship provided by Novikontas Maritime College, students can fully cover their tuition fees and afford to live independently.


Study loan

Novikontas Maritime College has an ongoing cooperation agreement with Swedbank, where our students can get a loan. Students can also apply for loans individually in other Latvian banks.

Additional information:

It is possible to apply for a study loan regardless of the study stage or course. If you have any questions about the study loan, please contact by phone +371 23111114.

Study and earn right away!

One of the biggest advantages of the seafarer’s profession is a high salary, which allows you to start an independent life at an early age immediately after graduation!

After completing the theoretical part of their studies, the students of Novikontas Maritime College are provided with a paid internship on board. During the practice, the students gain not only valuable experience but also their first salary for work, which can fully cover tuition fees.

We cooperate with 28 international maritime companies. The students of Novikontas Maritime College have their internship on board the vessels of those companies, and after graduation, they are able to get a well-paid job on those companies’ vessels or any other world merchant fleet.