MT – Marine Training. Stage 1 of training. You can apply right after finishing the 12th grade. After completing the course students get a certificate of competency of an OS (Ordinary seaman)  or a motorman.

NMC – Novikontas Maritime College. Stage 2 of training. You can enroll at the College once you have a basic seafarer's education. Upon graduation, students get a certificate of competency of an Officer of the watch or an Engineer of the watch.
PPP – Professional upgrade qualification program,  meaning skills enhancement by completing specific courses.

When can I join college?

  • MT - admission of students takes place about once every 3 months, current dates can be found on our website or social networks,  by calling us or writing an e-mail or visiting the college.
  • NMC, PPP - submit the documents and join on any working day from 9:00 to 17:00.
    Apply by email:
    edu@novikontas.org or by phone +371 23111114

Entry requirements to the College

  • MT:

–   passport and school leaving certificate (12th grade) are required. In case the secondary education is obtained other than in Latvia, the school leaving certificate must be approved by the Academic Information Center (www.aic.lv). This is a paid service and takes an average of 2 weeks to 1 month.

–   Approximately 2-3 weeks before the date of admission we ask the applicants to pass the interview when we understand the motivation and check English skills, which is the main criterion for entering the college. Successful candidates then shall take the medical examination.

  • NMC:

–   Passport and school leaving certificate (12th grade), certificate of competency of a seaman or motorman, seaman's book attesting at least 12 months of sea-going service for navigators (Deck Department program) or engineers (the Engineering Department program), English certificate Marlins with at least 60% result.

–   Graduates of the Latvian Maritime Academy or the Latvian Maritime School need a certificate confirming the graduation of a maritime school, a passport and an English language certificate Marlins with a minimum of 60% of the results. A seaman's or motorman's certificate of competency and a seaman's book may be requested (optional admission requirement).

–   In case applicants hold a Diploma of higher education or a document of incomplete higher education in the maritime (or some other) field, Novikontas college can accept transfer credit points from other educational institutions.  In this case (including when transferring to Novikontas Maritime College from another educational institution), in addition to standard documents, it is necessary to present a diploma with an appendix or an academic transcript of the subjects passed.

–   In case secondary or higher education is obtained other than in Latvia, the certificate of completed education must be approved by the Academic Information Center (www.aic.lv). This is a paid service that takes an average of 2 weeks to 1 month.

  • PPP:

–   Passport, documents of higher education of a seafarer obtained in Latvia,  certificate of competency of a navigating officer or marine engineer, seaman's book, attesting at least 18.

Are there any entrance exams?

  • MT –  no entrance exam, but applicants have to undergo an interview and pass a medical examination before the studies.
  • NMC, PPP – no entrance exam, you may join if you have all the required documents.

How much does the training cost? Is it possible to pay in instalments? Methods of payment?

  • MT – the total tuition fee is 1070 EUR. The amount can be divided into 3 parts and paid during the course of the theoretical part of the study according to the schedule specified in the contract. Only bank transfers are accepted.
  • NMC – the total tuition fee is 5880 EUR. The amount can be divided into 3 parts and paid within 3 years in the following order - in the 1st year to pay 1960 EUR, in the 2nd and 3rd year 1960 EUR. Payments can be made by bank transfer or via a cash desk  (cash or a credit card).
  • PPP – the program cost is ~ 4000 EUR, the amount depends on many factors. For example, the program includes courses such as BRM, ERRM, etc., and if the given courses have already been completed, then there is no need to take them again. Also, part of the program can be completed through distance learning. In this case, the tuition fee is less. Payments can be made by bank transfer or via a cash desk  (cash or a credit card).

What is a study program?

  • MT – the program consists of 2 parts - theory and practice. The theoretical part includes the courses required to obtain the qualification of an OS or a motorman. The practical training mostly takes place on board the icebreaker Varma.
  • NMC – the program includes both general and vocational education subjects. Most of the training takes place on board a vessel, that is - students study while working at sea. Only subject tests, seminars, some general education subjects and training courses, which are necessary for obtaining the diploma of a ship's pilot or an engineer are held in-house. Every student studies according to the individual plan, developed in harmony with his work schedule.
  • PPP – the program consists of 14 modules, almost all of them should be taken in-person (only some of the modules can be learned remotely). The modules are scheduled.

How long is the training?

  • MT – it takes almost one year to complete the program. The theoretical part is 2.5 months for OS and 3 months for motormen. After completing the theoretical part, we organize a paid sea-going practical training, which is about  4-7 months. After the internship, the students have the qualification exam, which is the final stage of the study program. After a successful examination, you can get a certificate of competency and start working at sea.
  • NMC – Officer of the Watch (Navigation Department)  program lasts 3 years and 2 months, Engineering Department program - 3 years. This period also includes the shipboard training as required (12 months).
  • PPP – depending on the student's work schedule, the program can be completed within six months or a year. In total, all modules are given 3 years to complete.

Will I get paid for the sea-going practice?

  • MT - on average you get around 250-500 EUR per month, depending on the company. After obtaining the qualification, the salary can increase up to 1200 EUR per month.

Study language?

  • MT – studies are in Russian and English. Could be formed groups with training only in English. 
  • NMC, PPP – studies are in English.

Does Novikontas Maritime College diploma have any restrictions?

After graduating from our college, you get a diploma allowing you to get a certificate of competency without restrictions.

Why is Novikontas Maritime College different from other Latvian educational institutions?

  • MT – first of all, the training goes on board a real ship, where you have a chance to try your strength at sea from the very first days. Secondly, the training uses the latest methods and the most modern college equipment - simulators, professional equipment and facilities, etc. Thirdly, we provide an opportunity to go to sea right after completing the theoretical part and start earning your own money. In this way, our students are able to pay for their studies from the first year, without taking loans or borrowing money from their parents.
  • NMC – our study system is designed to take into account the interests of students first and foremost. There are no sessions at the college, the study schedule is developed individually. In this way, our students study independently from each other. The dates of consultations, tests and exams are scheduled individually, it is also possible to contact the lecturers remotely with the help of the distance learning system NOVIS. The training uses the latest methods and the most modern college equipment - simulators, professional equipment and facilities, etc. For this reason, students take all the courses, which are required to obtain a diploma of a navigating officer or marine engineer.
  • PPP – the study process in flexible and people oriented , therefore the study program is divided into modules that allows students to work and study at their own pace. There is also a possibility to use distance learning and prepare for your exams and practical tasks while working, and come to Novikontas only to take part in practical tasks and exams. Also, since PPP program is part of NMC, some modules use simulators to have the best real-life experience and the highest quality. 

Is it possible to join Novikontas without the required sea-going service?

  • NMC – you can start doing general subjects before the required sea-time is built, allowing you to be enrolled.  Once the sea-going time is done, you can do specialization subjects. This approach could help to speed up your training period.
  • PPP - Unfortunately, you are not allowed to join the program without at least 18 months of sea-time as a navigating officer or an engineer.

Can I get a scholarship?

  • MT, PPP – not applicable.
  • NJK – The most diligent, active and successful students of Navigational and Engineering  Departments, actively participating in the life of Novikontas Maritime College, could apply for Erasmus + mobility scholarship. It is from 1600 € per study year and can be received each study year not exceeding 12 months in total during the whole study process. 

Could I complete the training quicker?

  • MT – the program can be completed in less than a year. The theory takes  2.5 or 3 months, practical training - on average is about 4-7 months. The minimum duration of the internship is 2 months. So, if you go to sea for the internship right after you complete the classroom training and you spend a minimum of 2 months at sea, then it’s highly likely that you will obtain a qualification much faster.
  • NMC - The program is designed to take 3 years, but the efficiency of your studying entirely depends on you. In case you already have higher education or incomplete higher education (in any field) and have some credit points, then Novikontas can accept them and the number of subjects and courses to be covered during your training gets less. Or another example:  first you complete all general subjects before officially enrolling at the college, then build the required sea-going time, and you can join the second semester of the 1st year. After the official enrolment, you go to sea  (minimum 6 months) and complete the 1st  course by the end of the year. In this way, the duration of training is not 3 years, but 2 and a half.
  •  PPP – the efficiency of your studying depends on your dedication and your work schedule. The minimum duration of studies in this program is 6 months.

Vai koledžā var iestāties citas valsts pilsonis?

•    MT – lai iestātos dotajā programmā, ir nepieciešams noformēt uzturēšanās atļauju. Mēs izsniedzam uzaicinājumu, pēc kura var saņemt uzturēšanās atļauju Latvijā uz vienu gadu. 
•    NJK – lai iestātos dotajā programmā, nav nepieciešams saņemt uzturēšanās atļauju, jo ierasties koledžā vajag reti, tikai dažas reizes gadā. 
•    PPP – dotajā programmā var mācīties ārvalstu pilsonis tikai tādā gadījumā, ja mācību diploms tika iegūts Latvijā.

Vai Novikontas Jūras koledža nodrošina kopmītnes?

Diemžēl mēs nenodrošinām kopmītnes. Gadījumā, ja ir nepieciešams ierasties koledžā uz vairākām dienām, mēs piedāvājam palikt viesnīcā blakus koledžai par samazinātu cenu.

Still have a question?

e-mail us – edu@novikontas.org  or give us a call at +371 23111114