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Novikontas Maritime College is happy to take part in a variety of educational and maritime activities!

Welcome day

We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to explore Novikontas Maritime College in person!

Every three months Novikontas Maritime College has a Welcome Day for everyone to give an opportunity to discover everything about and around the seafaring profession, as well as about college education and post-graduation opportunities!

Welcome Day is about studies at the College, visiting classrooms, introduction to equipment,  performing interactive tasks using the college's professional simulators like a real sailor, learning to handle firefighting equipment and being involved in some other exciting activities! Also, our experienced lecturers are happy to answer any question you might have about the college and career at sea.

If you are confident that working at sea appeals to you, then bring an identity document, a certificate of secondary education, and submit the documents immediately! Admission to study groups takes place throughout the year!


Enkurs is a competition for secondary school scholars, organized by the Latvian Maritime Administration every year. Our College is one of the organizers of this event.  The aim of the competition is to promote the seafaring profession among young people in Latvia, emphasizing the importance of qualified seafarers in the Latvian and global labour market.

During the competition, participants perform a variety of interactive tasks on professional ship simulators, compete with each other in first aid and rescue missions on water, using real equipment, and participate in fire fighting. One of the contestants' favourite tasks at Novikontas Maritime College is towing a rope, which always evokes the most intense emotions!

Application for the competition on the website of the Latvian Maritime Administration.

Ēnu diena

As part of the Shadow Day, we invite you to explore the seafaring profession by “shadowing” the experienced lecturers and sea-going sailors of Novikontas Maritime College, who tell you all about seafaring and job opportunities after graduation. Search for “shadow” vacancies on the Shadow Day website or send an application to us:

Exhibition "School"

Every year Novikontas Maritime College participates in the educational exhibition “School” in Latvia. At our stand you will be greeted by experienced college lecturers, sea-going sailors, our graduates and, of course, our smiling talisman Martim! You have a chance to ask any question about the sailor's profession or training at the college, go on the high seas on board simulators, as well as to try your luck and test your knowledge by participating in exciting competitions!

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Do you want to go to the sea one day? Come and visit Novikontas Maritime College, bring your friends and classmates!

Learn all about the seafaring profession, test your seafaring skills on simulators and discover Novikontas Maritime College!

Visit us on Welcome Day or book a visit date for your class!

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