About us

Novikontas Maritime College is a private educational institution. The main goal is to train competent and internationally competitive seafarers in the field of navigation and Marine Engineer.

Why choose us?

Novikontas Maritime College was founded in 2009, and today we offer modern and high-quality international education for anyone who wants to connect their lives with the field of the maritime industry. 

The main advantage of Novikontas Maritime College is an emphasis on both theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills acquisition. 

“Maritime industry is constantly developing, whereas the latest technologies are becoming an integral part of it. Today’s seafarers must be ready for such changes. For this reason, we offer education, which is aimed at the modern maritime industry, which prepares specialists not for 2 or 3 years ahead, but for at least 10 years.”-says Dmitrijs Semjonovs, deputy director of Novikontas Maritime College. 

The training takes place in this way:

  • Upon completion of the theoretical part of the studies, the students develop their skills and knowledge using up-to-date reproductive maritime simulators. Later obtained skills and knowledge are strengthened working on board. 
  • Graduates of Novikontas Maritime College are awarded not only with an accredited diploma but also with practical skills, which are required to start working at sea. The students can gain financial independence from their parents during their education, and obtain valuable experience to build a successful career at sea.

The list of companies with our students’ employment