The role of educational program “Deck Officer” offered by Novikontas Maritime College – is to develop highly professional ship Navigational Officers with internationally recognized diplomas.

Modern educational resources, such as bridge simulators, ship, handling simulators, cargo simulators, simulators of global maritime distress and safety system, real ships’ equipment in combination with efficient pedagogical instruments will provide you with up-to-date knowledge, skills, techniques and methods, that are required to Deck Officer.

The atmosphere of studies on merchant and offshore fleet vessels will bring you into working environment with daily duties of Deck Officer and ability to think as Deck Officer and to act as Deck Officer, performing navigation of a ship, controlling cargo operation and providing on-board safety culture.

During your studies you will:

  • work independently and with other crew members;
  • manage yourself while discovering your ship;
  • be ready to take responsibility while planning the routes of the ship;
  • be able to solve problems and think critical on Bridge Simulator and real ship;
  • apply leadership during day-by-day works and safety trainings;
  • be able to look differently while planning cargo operations;
  • make reporting on performance indicators of ship and completed jobs to the Captain.

Theoretical and practical exercises, you will have, fully cover daily Deck Officer’s activities and, therefore, after their completion, you are ready to carry your Officer’s responsibilities and perform prescribed job.