The role of educational program “Engineer Officer” offered by Novikontas Maritime College – is to develop highly professional ship engineers with internationally recognized diplomas. Modern educational resources, such as engine room simulators, electrical laboratories, real ships’ auxiliary systems in combination with efficient pedagogical instruments will provide you with up-to-date knowledge, skills, techniques and methods, that are required by marine engineer.

The atmosphere of studies on merchant and offshore fleet vessels will bring you into day-by-day engineering working environment with daily duties of Engineer Officer and ability to think and to act as Engineer Officer, performing operation, maintenance and repair of ship’s propulsion plant and it’s auxiliary systems.


  • discover your watch-keeping activities with time management skills application;
  • use various engine simulators to understand working principles of real equipment and systems better;
  • act as Engineer Officer with safety procedures and responsibility in real ship’s atmosphere;
  • plan maintenance work activities and analyze technical conditions of required plants;
  • make reporting on performance indicators of ship and completed jobs to Chief Engineer.

Theoretical and practical exercises, you will have, fully cover daily Engineer Officer’s activities and, therefore, after their completion, you are ready to carry your Officer’s responsibilities and perform prescribed job of marine engineer prescribed job.